What is Wind Mitigation?


Wind Mitigation refers to specific features of a structure designed to minimize the damage caused by high winds, like those experienced doing a hurricane. Most of these frustrates involve the roof, though protection of openings such as doors and windows, as well as the overall age of the home are also taken into consideration.

How can a Wind Mitigation Save you Money.


The purpose of a wind mitigation inspection is to provide verification that features exist in a home to protect against wind damage, resulting in discounts or rebates of your insurance premiums. The level of discount varies significantly, but savings can go high as 45%. After the inspection, I will provide you with the paperwork need to submit to your insurance company.

What does Wind Mitigation Inspection Cover?


A wind mitigation inspection is not as comprehensive as a full home inspection and typically takes between 30 minutes to a hour. The items that I look for during the inspection include but are not limited to: Age of roof covering, age of the home, how is the roof deck attached to the frame, how is the truss attached to the wall.