Sellers Inspection information

If you are selling a Home, At Eaze Home Inspections LLC will assist you in verifying the current con

As a seller, you definitely want to find out about any hidden issues with your property before your house goes on the market. Most real estate sales contracts include the condition that the contract is contingent upon completion of a satisfactory inspection. This is known as the "inspection contingency".

Buyers will insist on a professional home inspection, performed by an inspector of their choice. If the buyer's inspector finds issues with your property they weren't made aware of, it can cause the buyer to have doubts and the agreement may fall apart. Unfortunately, surprise problems uncovered by the buyer's inspector will cause delays in closing, and usually you as the seller will have to pay for repairs at the last minute, or take a lower price on your home.

Having a Inspection done by At Eaze Home Inspections LLC will make the entire sale process easier, Find out about previously unknown situations with your home and have them corrected in advance, on your terms. Or present items "as is" and reflected in the purchase price. Otherwise, you can count on the buyer's inspector finding them, at the worst possible time, causing delays, and costing you more money.